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Unblocking Drains In Harlow & The Surrounding Area:

  • No call out fee.
  • No overtime or out of hours charges.
  • No hidden fees - the price we offer is the price you pay.

Not all drain clearance companies are the same, not even at a national level. Drain Doctor is the biggest and foremost national drain clearance and emergency plumbing franchise of its kind.

Jetting Your Blocked Drain

We never use drain rods as we don’t deem them reliable enough. Drain Doctor Harlow uses 3,000psi high-pressure water jets to clear out your blocked drain. Jetting is quick and dependable.

On a water meter? Anxious about the cost? No problem - every Drain Doctor van carries a special hose that links directly to a street hydrant - not your metered supply.

We always jet drains ‘upstream’ as it clears your blocked drain faster and we never run the risk of water backing up against blockages and flooding your dwelling.

Drain Doctor Harlow can usually clear your blocked drain in an hour. In the unlikely event it takes any longer, don’t worry - you will never pay any more than the price quoted.

Checking Your Blocked Drain With CCTV

We always check your drain with a CCTV drain camera to ensure it is completely clear after we have jetted it and to alert you to any up and coming maintenance issues such as tree root ingress or pipe damage.

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